My Area

My area

Edmonton is my home. I have lived and worked here for most of my life and know the city and Metro Edmonton well. There is tremendous growth in all areas of the city. Infill is occurring in mature areas, and entire neighbourhoods are being developed in the Anthony Henday corridor. There is also the “once-in-a-lifetime” development of Blatchford field just northeast of downtown. The ongoing transformation of Edmonton’s downtown also marks a new era for the city. It is a great time to call Edmonton home.
Although I am comfortable working anywhere in Edmonton, I am focusing on the neighbourhoods that border and embrace the Whitemud and Blackmud Creek Ravines. Both these natural watersheds make their ways to the heart of our city - the North Saskatchewan River. As the water has carved the valleys over the centuries, it has made way for some breathtaking scenery, natural habitats and active ecosystems in the heart of Southwest Edmonton.
The ravines are home to numerous species of flora and fauna and are accessible via bike paths, nature preserve trails as well as numerous pathways. Paths weave in and out of the ravines where encounters with the animals that call these special places home are fairly common.
These ravines have been the centre of family fun for decades. Development of subdivisions over the years has squeezed the natural areas but has also allowed for sustainable development through the construction of interpretive features, bridges and paths. These allow more responsible viewing of wildlife while preserving hectare upon hectare of wild areas for future generations.
Owning a home on or near these natural areas, allows easy access to fitness and recreational opportunities. Let the quiet streets be your bike path. Go for a run on the countless trails. Descend into the ravines to enjoy a natural respite from the pressures of everyday life, minutes away from your door. Experience everything these natural areas have to offer on a year-round basis.