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Edmonton is Home

My Story

I was born and raised in Edmonton and have lived here for most of my life. After attending schools in Southwest Edmonton, I graduated from the University of Alberta with an Education degree. Teaching took me to South Korea where I lived and worked for almost two years.
Living overseas was a great adventure and when I came home, I fell in love with my hometown all over again. With this new perspective, my brother and I started to build a catering company, which we owned and operated for nearly a decade.
My extensive experience in the hospitality industry led me into the remote worksite camp business where I worked for four years. Accommodations and operations were state-of-the-art but there truly was no place like home. The importance of being close to family and friends became more and more apparent as I saw children growing and people changing while I rotated in and out of camp. I had to establish roots at home with the people I needed close to me; being a real estate professional and a REALTOR® allows me to do that - and celebrate the city I love.   
Today is an exciting time in Edmonton’s history. We continue to welcome people from across Canada and the world. Edmonton is experiencing unprecedented growth and opportunities are around every corner. It is a great time to make an investment or to start your path to home ownership.